Gateway Technology offers you a full set of IPTV components including DVB-Gateways, (DVBS2, DVBT2, DVBC), several levels Middleware, Linux and Android Set Top Boxes and Connected or Smart TVs

Gateway Technology is also offering a DVBS/DVBS2 Streaming System which allows multiple client STBs to share a set of SAT DVBS2 receiver cards … This system can be used to share Pay TV subscription between multiple rooms in large private villas. User can dedicate one or all SAT cards within the Streamer to one or several STBs.

Gateway Technology is providing H265UHD-H264HD-MPEG2 Encoders which allow internal IP distribution of any video signals coming from internal video cameras or CCTV, or from any computer generating broadcast image through HDMI or SDI, Welcome and Emergency Messaging, PayTv services etc.